Few words about me

sewHi, my name is Tania. I am 25, originally Russian from Moscow.
Sewing is a recent hobby, so I position myself as an early-stage beginner. Three years ago, I moved to Dublin, Ireland and a half a year ago I discovered sewing again! Now, I want to keep developing this skill. I am very passionate about making clothes, mostly for women. I decided to create this blog to motivate everyone who is passionate about sewing and I also invite you to learn to sew together with me 🙂

When was my first sewing experience?

My first sewing experience was at 10. My mum had a sewing machine that she was almost never using. One day, I wanted to sew for me a denim skirt I saw on TV. That was my first sewing experience but, of course, it was mostly done by my mum. I was anyway spying on her (remember, I’m Russian), checking how she was sewing.
Then, at the age of 18, I made a summer dress. It was a copy of my favourite dress and which was already worn off. So I just copied it by using a fabric I had.
And that’s it. Then I went to study at university and I didn’t have enough time for sewing. And I just forgot about this hobby.
At the beginning of summer 2016, I watched by accident a video explaining how to make a circle skirt. I found it very easy. So I did it by HAND as I didn’t have any sewing machine at that time. I admit it took me few evenings to make but I made it! The skirt looked really nice and I felt that found my hobby again!

And what is happening now?

sewFew months ago my boyfriend offered me a super cool sewing machine for my birthday. I already made some things. I will tell you about them in my blog. Now, I have so many ideas and I want to make different dresses, skirt, coats, etc. I want to share my inspiration, sewing tips and techniques that I learn with you. I also want to motivate you to sew because I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!