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How to avoid beginner sewing mistakes

Don’t be a Sewing Hero! Half a year ago when I got a sewing machine, the whole world of handmade wardrobe opened to me. The question I had was “What am I going to sew at first?” To find some inspiration I checked Instagram. I saw so many nice handmade garments. I was so inspired, I felt as a sewing Hero! Keep reading to avoid beginner sewing mistakes that I made and that will prevent you from throwing away money when you just start sewing!

When I got a sewing machine I was very excited. I felt as I was ready to sew everything! So after checking Instagram, I decided to make a skirt looking like that:
beginner sewing

I thought that I don’t need to buy any patterns because I am so cool! So I just found on how to built one by myself. It was on how to built a pencil skirt, so I hard to modify it somehow! But I thought that I would be able to make it perfect from scratch from the first time in my life!

And here is what I did :/
It was absolutely unwearable. It became a bit small because of extra layers of the fabric in front. Inside it didn’t look professional at all.

beginner sewing



  1. Learn how to use your sewing machine first of all. Learning on the go is not always a good idea.
  2. Practice a bit on making tea towels or on transforming your old cloth into something simple. I did a home wear skirt from my oversized old top. Such small transformations are easy to make 🙂 And you will feel good because you can actually use a new garment!

    beginner sewing
  3. If you are not too sure about the result of your sewing project then experiment with cheap fabrics. And when you are happy with the result then you can move on expensive high-quality fabrics!
  4. If you need to sew a zip or make some buttonholes then make some trials on a cheap fabric just to learn these particular sewing techniques.
  5. Use ideas and patterns for beginners. You can also check my step-by-step guide on how to make a circle skirt!

What recommendations can you give to beginners in sewing?

I would be happy to hear from you ;)