circle skirt

Circle skirt by hand

The most amazing thing that happened to me in 2016 is that I found myself in sewing! And it started from a simple circle skirt! Keep reading to learn how to make one by yourself.

Simple shapes – beginning of something great

I liked watching DIY videos but you know you never find enough time to do something by yourself or you are just not motivated enough. So one day I finally decided to try myself in DIY and to create something by myself. I did not have a sewing machine at that time and buying a machine just to sew a thing once in my life didn’t look like a great idea.

So I have chosen a simple shape – circle skirt. It looks quite pretty. I also found a way how to make it by hand without any equipment! Follow this receipt and make one for yourself.

P.S. At that time I didn’t plan to make a blog. So I don’t have any photos of good quality but I believe it will be clear how to make it!


 – 1.5 meters of any fabric.
 – 1 meter of an elastic.
 – Threads, matching the fabric.
 – Scissors.
 – Needles.
 – A sharp piece of soap (anything that can write on fabric and can be easily cleaned).
 – The length of the skirt.
 – Measurement of your waist.
 – Measurement of your hips.   

1. Fold the fabric in the way it is shown in the picture below.


2. Measure the hole from the corner.

circle skirt

3. Measure the length of the skirt plus 2 cm.

circle skirtcircle skirt

4. Cut the fabric following red lines.

circle skirt

circle skirt

5. Cut the belt. Mind that you will put the elastic inside. The length of the elastic = waist.

circle skirt

6. Sew the belt to the skirt and put inside the elastic.

circle skirt

circle skirt

7. Hem the skirt.

circle skirt

Voila! The skirt is ready! The best part is when you see that your piece of fabric starts transforming into a beautiful skirt and you can’t wait to finish it!

I would be very happy if you try this method. Let me know if you have ever made a circle skirt 😉

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