Shorten Eyelet curtains

I was asked to shorten 6 pairs curtains. Sounds like a big work should be done? Keep reading to learn a time-saving step when you need to shorten eyelet curtains 🙂

Step 1

When you need to shorten eyelet curtains you need to iron them with a strong steam (depends on the material). If they are natural fabric they might shrink after this step but it will prevent them from shrinking after future washes. Anyway, I recommend ironing all the panels at least to make them perfectly flat. It will facilitate the work with them!


Step 2

Check the original hem. It will give you an understanding of how much fabric you need to keep for the hem.

As you can see in the photo, there was 2 cm hem. So I had to keep in mind to add extra 3,5 cm to the desirable final length.


Shorten eyelet curtains


Step 3

Now, it is time to measure and cut!

The provided curtains were with metal rings and desirable length was 270 cm from the top of the ring while the total length was 300 cm.

Always measure the desirable length from the top of the curtain. So, in my case – 270 cm from the top of the ring but not 30 cm from the bottom. Some curtains might not be with the proper horizontal hem. I had some panels with 2,5 cm of difference!

I used 3 meters tape ruler to do measurements.

Shorten eyelet curtains



Step 4

Draw the line of final length and the lines for the hem. I used a hemline vanishing fabric marker.

Shorten eyelet curtains



Step 5

Fold and iron fabric, and sew the hem. The first curtain is ready!
Shorten eyelet curtains

Last Step(s)

Now you don’t need to measure again and again the desirable length because you can use the ready one as a template! Simply put it on the following curtain panel, just make sure that the level of the rings is matching. Add extra centimetres for the hem and you are ready to sew hem!

Shorten eyelet curtains    Shorten eyelet curtainsShorten eyelet curtains




That’s it! It took some time for me to finish all 12 panels but it was a great time saver to use the first ready curtain as a template for the left ones!


I would be happy to hear from you ;)